About NeighborCare Pharmacy


For over 35 years, NeighborCare® has provided the highest quality post acute pharmacy services available. Originally started as a single Professional Pharmacy, NeighborCare®, through its five integrated divisions; Professional Pharmacies, Long Term Care, Infusion Therapy, Medical Supplies, and Home Medical Equipment – grew to become the east coast’s largest post acute integrated health care services provider specializing in pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and durable medical equipment.

NeighborCare®, now part of Omnicare, Inc. currently provides health care services to a diverse group of recipients, including health maintenance organizations, long-term care facilities, sub-acute and chronic care hospitals, assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement centers, personal care boarding homes, integrated health care organizations, primary care medical centers, outpatient surgical center, oncology and infectious disease specialists, community mental health centers, group homes, homebound IV therapy patients and the general public. Omnicare provides such services in forty-seven (47) states and Washington D.C.

NeighborCare® Professional Pharmacies division has grown to become a premier operator of Professional Pharmacies. All locations are designed to create an atmosphere consistent with a health care environment. The image is further enhanced by being primarily located either in medical professional buildings, hospitals, outpatient physician centers, managed care sites, and retirement communities. Direct to physician marketing and advertising campaigns are utilized to promote the brand name, the philosophy of pharmaceutical care and convenient access to care.

NeighborCare® Professional Pharmacies are located in thirteen (13) Continuous Care Retirement Communities; the Owings Mills Surgi-Center and numerous other medical professional buildings. NeighborCare® currently operates NeighborCare® Professional Pharmacies in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, Texas and New Jersey.

Every NeighborCare® Professional Pharmacy is created with a distinctive look and feel that promotes a branded image recognized by both clients and customers. The physical plant is designed with the customer in mind. A warm but professional décor overlay a highly efficient pharmacy design. A separate patient counseling area is provided where the pharmacists and patients may discuss health issues and concerns in private.

NeighborCare® Professional Pharmacies operate on the philosophy that the pharmacy should be an extension of the total health care delivery system. Pharmacist routinely provides consulting services and extensive pharmaceutical care and education in the Professional Pharmacy. This process ensures the patient is provided with verbal and/or written instructions at the time the prescription is dispensed, allowing for enhanced quality control in relation to the patient’s treatment.


NeighborCare® was acquired by Omnicare, Inc. in 2005 providing a new foundation for continued success. Omnicare provides comprehensive pharmaceutical services to patients and providers in 47 states and Washington D.C.

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